Res Exhaust Statement: Not Authorized Taobao online sales

    Recently, our company's Customer Service Center received some consumer consultation, tmall shop Speed Horse Division Car Products Franchise store is the flagship store RES Exhaust, in the shop to buy products to provide perfect after-sales service and product protection services.

   In this regard, the company solemnly declare: The company's Products Res Exhaust System has not set up shop in Taobao sales, also has never authorized any distributor on Taobao sales RES products. Any unauthorized sale of RES Exhaust Products, are suspected of counterfeiting infringement, at the same time, will not provide any form of after-sales service and Product Protection Services!

    Because of the special attribute of exhaust system, consumers can not enjoy professional installation service and perfect after-sale service when they buy RES related products on the Internet. In order to protect the interests of the majority of consumers, it is recommended that you must go to the local RES authorized distribution entity store to order installation.




                                                                                                                                                               Foshan Keyate Auto Parts Co. , Ltd. , hereby declare

                                                                    April 14,2020