RES Exhaust Warranty Terms

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  Where to buy RES car exhaust pipe, enjoy the following warranty terms:

  • Ⅰ.Product warranty period:
    1. One year(From the date of purchase of the factory);Under warranty,Damage due to product quality, the company responsible for free maintenance;Belong to the quality problems are the following: no one caused by burning crack, leak, burst and so on.
    2. Repair:In the warranty period, due to product quality damage, the company responsible for free maintenance;
    3. Replacement/Returns:In the warranty period of 15 days, indeed a product quality problems can not be repaired or can not be installed, the company will replace the free or free return.
  • Ⅱ.If the product is damaged due to human causes,Including: vehicle collision, natural disasters, man-made, chemical corrosion and other external causes damage is not included in the warranty.If the user does not change the use of the vehicle without authorization, for rental, leasing or competitive games, will also be deemed to automatically give up the warranty.
  • Ⅲ.The company’s product warranty commitments,Limited to the quality of the product itself, failure,And for the failure of the exhaust pipe and other related issues arising from joint and several liability.(According to:Vehicle collision and accident, personnel maintenance costs, trailer costs, owners and related personnel working hours / profit loss, other related personal losses)Damage to the product due to human causes, will also be deemed to automatically give up the warranty.
  • Ⅳ.The company’s warranty on the product is limited to the purchase of the company’s products using the owner himself, as a result of vehicle transfer / transfer ownership and change owners, the warranty period, the Company shall not be responsible for warranty. Owners privately modified exhaust pipe, but also as a waiver of warranty rights, unauthorized modification of the exhaust pipe and the quality of failure, do not enjoy the above product warranty terms.
  • Ⅴ.Titanium alloy products in use, due to heat and other reasons, a long time there will be a little flange deformation phenomenon, is a normal situation, not included in the warranty. Do not belong to the quality of the warranty is not included in the list, mainly the following: consumables flange / screw / flange gasket damage.
  • Ⅵ.If the products need to be shipped to the manufacturer for warranty, the Company will not be responsible for shipping costs.