RES Racing Exhaust to participate in 2014 Shanghai CAS modified auto show

    The annual CAS Shanghai Auto Show has been going on for four years, and RES Racing has been redecorating as usual. As in previous years, CAS Shanghai refitting auto show is not only an important stage for refitting shops and refitting brands, but also a high-quality communication platform for the industry Res Racing has been actively participating in various exhibitions over the years, with a view to getting closer to the fans, so that the fans can experience the charm of car-to-car products.

   The God of War Gt-r is the focus of the RES Racing Booth, where RES Racing Not only shows off the exhaust of the popular modified models, but also brings us the most popular variable valve exhaust in the market. From customization to mass production, from ordinary exhaust to variable valve exhaust, RES Racing is constantly improving, carefully built products are gradually highly recognized in the market