Announcement of Fake RES Products

Dear RES esteemed dealers and clients,

We are sorry and writing to inform you that former RES sales representative Mark Wang (Deen Chui) has been stopped selling RES Exhaust since June 27.

When he was selling and distributing RES Exhaust, at the same time he sold other modified products under our company's RES brand other than RES exhaust pipes, such as XX Wheels, Braking, Bodykits, etc., which seriously violated our company regulations and violated business ethics.

Although he left, our company has received some inquiries of XX wheels, XX brakes, XX Bodykits, etc. According to purchased customers’ words, Mark Wang (Deen Chui) has sold XX brand wheels, Bodykit products. We hereby certify that RES brand is owned by Foshan Keyate Auto Parts Co., Ltd., the trademark registration is only used for the automotive modified exhaust pipe and exhaust system, any other RES brand products are counterfeit and shoddy products, any consequences and losses caused by any purchases of RES brand others products have nothing to do with our company.

Hereby Declared.