Cracking down on fake and shoddy RES Racing products (2)

  RES has been developed for 6 years, has been and peer-to maintain friendly relations between the common learning and progress, to promote the development of domestic exhaust modification, and constantly to the technical precipitation and innovation, making the Chinese manufacturing is accepted by the world, These improvements and the circle of good conversion atmosphere is inseparable.

   In the current economic situation, all manufacturers are playing a price war, the production and sale of fake and shoddy products, the cost is very low relative to genuine, high profits gave birth to a large number of illegal manufacturers. In the past two years, RES exhaust has been imitated to produce fake and shoddy products, for high profits, take the moral bottom line, regardless of their reputation, the production of inferior products as genuine sales to the riders, get high profits!

   Fake and shoddy products are not only rough work, and no improvement in performance at all. Fake and shoddy product prices are only genuine about 7 fold, the use of consumers to seek cheap psychology to achieve illegal purposes.

   RES genuine sales channels for the physical store sales, not authorized X treasure X business to sell RES products, is to prevent some unscrupulous businesses selling fake and shoddy products, because these X Bao X business without business registration and physical shops, it is easy to hang Sheep head to sell dog meat, a problem directly deleted, can not find anything, the buyer caused serious economic losses. On the contrary, we are authentic POS store every one is verified industrial and commercial business license to ensure that legitimate business, whether it is selling products or after-sales service and other value-added services are other virtual shops can not match. So if you need to RES product to remember to go to the local physical store to buy!

   Here are a few fake purchase cases for riders


Event 1:

   Shenzhen Ying Puda auto parts sales fake and shoddy RES products · physical stores and shop sales are the company has destroyed more than 40 sets of products, but the market is still a small amount of outflow! Please look for authentic store.


Event 2:

   Cheyou X treasure to buy the store known as the so-called RES valve exhaust control system, the use of problems issued to the company to check to confirm non-RES products for counterfeit products, riders damaged 1XXX more, and the store has been under the store, Unable to defend.


Event 3:

   Tourists X fish search 2 hands Civic RES exhaust pipe, a store called 9 into the new tail section, and then the price is cheaper to buy more than 400, but the use of 1 month found that there are abnormal sound, riders plus my company official customer service Carefully identified as fake and shoddy products, non-genuine · can not be guaranteed. And X fish sellers have long disappeared, riders damaged a few hundred dollars.



Event 4:

   Cargo Network Taizhou Linhai shop store received a GLI customer help, before the Taobao buy Res valve exhaust! The sound is wrong, come to check. But after the RES entity stores and my company repeatedly confirmed that this product is fake and shoddy products, because can not get the warranty, GLI Cheyou to find Taobao stores, the store bite is my company shipped, but let him produce shipping records, Do not come out, obviously is wrangling shameless, GLI Cheyou complaints Taobao no fruit, a direct result of the loss of money!

Event 5:

   Rui Zhi Cheyou Club in an X business under the leadership of the organization buy RES Reizhi valve suite, genuine RES unified sales price of 11800 a set, but the X business sales price of only 6,000 yuan a group, really a lot of difference, very Attractive. And then four riders to buy, one of the riders with a group of products to RES physical store installation, after all, RES physical store also contact a lot of genuine, but also know that the product looks like, but when the car to open the product with the time, One is to see the counterfeit products, and the store also took a genuine picture to do comparison to the riders. Cheyou actually did not give up that the store is not where to buy do not want to install him, so the riders to find our official website customer service, made to confirm, after careful verification of the comparison is indeed fake and shoddy products! Cheyou together with the other three riders to find the X business coordination when the return, found that has long been blacklist, can not recover the loss!

Event 6:

   Shandong Jining a car in the local purchase of a so-called genuine Sagitar RES valve exhaust pipe · use half a year or so, found that their products and other Sagitar Cheyou RES products are different, so find our official customer service · make sure to confirm whether genuine, After careful and careful verification, it is a fake and shoddy product, find the seller, the seller vaguely in Taobao purchase can not find the supplier can not return (whether to know the fake holiday does not rule out this situation), the car friends then hit 12315 To solve, resulting in a lot of human and financial loss.

   If you buy in the store, remember to ask the store to write down your product logistics invoice number, which can be traced back to the source of the product to protect your legitimate rights and interests.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Gorgeous dividing line~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Summary of the above · easy to buy fake scene:

No. 1:2 hand product resale: This product is no channel uniqueness, can not be sold to trace the source, not sure whether it is genuine.

No. 2: No physical sales, it is easy to hungry to sell dog meat, sell to talk about aftermarket, and even people can not find it.

No. 3: Low price gives the configuration is very attractive! You always have to believe that the old saying: a price of a cargo, Mo corruption cheap. Rational treatment.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~legal knowledge~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

   The following is a riders directly in the Shandong factory to buy a fake and shoddy products, the factory ho no bottom line, known as you want any brand, both domestic and foreign can do, provided that you have to give money is simply black Face, shameless.

Do not know the low level of education is not terrible, terrible is to take your IQ to challenge the law, the law is fair, I have to remind you, give you to make up the legal knowledge!

Production and sale of fake and shoddy products sentencing standards:

   Production and sale of fake and shoddy products, refers to the producers, sellers in the product doping, adulteration, to fake true, shoddy or unqualified products posing as qualified products, sales of more than 50,000 yuan of behavior. The crime of producing and selling fake and shoddy products is the crime of production and sale.

Production, sale of fake and shoddy products sentencing:

   Article 140 Producers, sellers doping in products, adulteration, fake, really good or bad product posing as qualified products, sales of more than 50,000 yuan less than 200,000 yuan, Shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than two years but shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than two years but not more than two years but not more than twice the amount of less than 200,000 yuan; And shall be fined not less than 50% but not more than twice the amount of the sales amount; if the amount of sales is less than 500,000 yuan but not less than two million yuan, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than seven years and less than 50% Fines; the amount of sales of more than two million yuan, at 15 years imprisonment or life imprisonment, and the amount of sales of more than 50 percent more than twice the fine or confiscation of property. Article 149 The production and sale of the products listed in Articles 114 to 148 of this section shall not constitute an offense under the provisions, but if the amount of sales is more than 50,000 yuan, Shall be convicted and punished in accordance with the provisions of Article 140 of this section. The production and sale of the products listed in Articles 114 to 148 of this section constitute the offenses set forth in the Articles and constitute the offenses set forth in Article 140 of this Section, Heavier stipulated conviction. Article 150 If a unit commits the crime specified in Articles 140 to 148 of this section, the unit shall be sentenced to a fine and shall be liable to the person in charge and other directly responsible persons, Punish the provisions of this article.

Production and sale of fake and shoddy products crime standards:

   According to the Supreme People's Procuratorate of the Ministry of Public Security on the jurisdiction of the public security organs of the provisions of the criminal prosecution standards (a) Article 16: producers, sellers in the product doping, adulteration, fake, shoddy or Substandard products posing as qualified products, suspected of one of the following circumstances, should be placed on file for prosecution:

1、Fake and shoddy products sales amount of more than 50,000 yuan;

2、Shoddy products have not yet been sold, the value of more than 150,000 yuan;

3、Sales of counterfeit and shoddy products less than 50,000 yuan, but will be multiplied by the amount of sales tripled, and has not yet sold the value of counterfeit goods worth more than 150,000 yuan。

It is important to note here:

1、"False" means the behavior of a product that does not have a performance to impersonate a product with such performance;

2、"Shoddy" refers to the low-grade, low-grade products posing as high-grade, high-grade products, or to the residual, scrap spare parts portfolio, assembled posing as genuine or new product behavior;

3、"Sales amount" refers to the producers, sellers to sell fake and shoddy products obtained and all the illegal income;

4、"The amount of value" to illegal production and sales of fake and shoddy products, the price; no price, according to the same type of qualified products in the middle of the market price calculation. If the value of the goods is difficult to determine, in accordance with the "seizure, recovery, confiscation of goods valuation management approach" provisions, commissioned by the valuation agency to determine。

   For fake and shoddy products, the company will not be soft, will crack down on this behavior! The Company has hired a legal adviser to investigate and deal with fake and shoddy products in the end!

   Please also feel good! Want to know people unless you have to do!