RES Electronic Valve Exhaust + APP Control System Already Listed!

RES Electronic Valve Exhaust + APP Control System Already Listed!

Hardware Parts:

    RES electronic valve after up to 1 year repeated testing, the product has undergone many tests, finally listed! The new electronic valve imported motor motor, built-in micro-processor, the case does not hurt the motor, the valve mechanical operation does not Caton, the transmission part of the self-locking function, effectively prevent the valve by the gas impact of abnormal sound! RES electronic valve operating principle for the controller to output a digital serial signal to enable the motor to perform rotation off; the market in the sale of electronic valves rely on the valve after the current becomes larger to power off, hurt the motor, and not lasting, which is two A completely different way of operation, so RES electronic valve operation more reasonable, longer life expectancy!

    RES electronic valve control section is also easy to install, easy to operate, all connections are directly to plug, intact original parts, the perfect upgrade! Electronic valve signal transmission rely on the implementation of digital serial port, from the impact of harness length, current, resistance and other external influences, stable and reliable performance, the reaction more quickly!

Software Parts:

    In addition to the remote control, the RES APP control section adds the APP control of the mobile phone, and the APP control can read all OBD data information such as the water temperature, the oil temperature, the rotation speed and the turbine pressure, and more intuitively understand the status of the vehicle.

    RES control part can still customize the valve to open the speed, intelligent mode!

    RES valve exhaust are currently available with optional electronic valve, please contact the major distributors to buy genuine RES exhaust pipe.

    【Video is the introduction of RES electronic valve exhaust】