Car Network Alliance Taizhou Linhai store entity shop received a GLI customer help, previously bought fake Res on Taobao! GET READY TO COME BACK FOR FRESH EXHAUST After not long ago high imitation RES Valve Ruizhi was exposed, another quick Teng GLI installed a fake RES Variable Valve High Imitation products! No matter from sound or installation effect, can not achieve the effect of authentic! And the product is coarse, the quality is low, completely is the small workshop's work. Under the banner of authentic, but false is false, how he also can not really! More and more cooperative shop owners to install the RES for counterfeit products, but without exception, owners from the x Bao net to buy the product price is far lower than the price of the RES genuine, in fact, you owners, have you ever thought about it? With so much competition nowadays, how can there be such a big price difference for this product? The official price is 14,600 yuan, you can buy 8,000 yuan, I can only worship you, I work with you to get goods good. And here to warn those who sell fake goods shop, do not think opportunistic, honest sell their own things, out of the street is to return, you earn the black heart money today, tomorrow double spit out! And that exhaust manufacturers peer, the circle is not big, you can produce exhaust pipes, why not do their own business? To do something sneaky, which is not long, and each brand of technology is very significant, your card buckle style, Bar clip style, open style, three-way style, welding point shape, and even drum body technology, and so on, obviously betrayed your factory, we have your information, please stop immediately! Otherwise let your factory swept the network FRIEND CIRCLE NOTORIOUS!