RES Racing exhaust 2014 Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition

   The AAITF 2014 officially opened on February 17,2014, and is known in the industry as the Kyushu Fair because it is hosted by the Kyushu International Convention & Exhibition Media Group. As in previous years, AAITF is not only a stronghold of the commodity merchants, but also an important showcase for the refit merchants and refit brands, while RES Racing, one of the exhibitors, is also represented at the fair.

   Res Racing has developed to this day, becoming a well-known brand in the industry, with a relatively complete product line, and following the trend of product development to develop a variable exhaust and titanium alloy exhaust brands, and founder Mr. Li's passion for car modification and, attachment has to do with it. The booth also brought the exhaust of two Mazda RX-8 and Toyota Reitz models, as well as several hot modified models, including a newly developed set of titanium exhaust A Feast of exhaust gas for the audience and the media.