Res Racing high-performance Exhaust, to participate in the Ninth Shanghai Ruili CAS modified car show!!

     The annual CAS Shanghai Exhibition will be held as scheduled on November 15-17 at RES Booth 2F09 at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center for three days. The CAS exhibition is praised as the first exhibition of Chinese refitting, and it is undoubtedly a feast in the mind of Chinese refitting fans. The exhibition has 85,000 square meters of exhibition area, more than 400 exhibitors, and more than 127000 professional spectators To the shock absorption system, into the exhaust system, can be described as a hundred schools of thought. Of course, our RES exhaust is no laughing matter.

    First, on the stand at the same time 3 McLaren 720S 'finished product shape presents, full of motion. One of the cars has been completely modified to look like the McLaren Senna, which makes it more visible, and of course the other two are still very handsome and Grudge Match. Since it is an exhibition, then how can we have fewer of our exhibits? The dazzling array of exhibits is even more eye-catching New Titanium products, high-performance thermal insulation head section, SUS304 stainless steel products and black technology hand gesture controller heavy hit. Beautiful cars with beautiful people, many beautiful women at the exhibition, people dizzying.

   This exhibition is a visual feast, is also a best opportunity to seek cooperation! The Res Exhibition Hall has come to a successful conclusion, and thanks to all the customers and friends from all over the world for their support! Do not forget the original intention, to create quality goods! Hand in hand partner, common development!